So, confession time: I have never played Overwatch. I’m one of those weak casuals who gets crazy dizzy/nauseated from forced first person games – I remember trying to play some old Call of Duty iterations with my then-boyfriend and having to give in within about 15 minutes due to the splitting headache the POV would trigger. In general, it’s not too awful, since I can put up with it when it’s only small doses (for example, I tend to slide into first person for lining up shots in my various Skyrim archer playthroughs, but then slide back out to third person whenever I’m not actively nocking an arrow) – and a lot of games nowadays allow players to swap between first and third person vantages. Unfortunately, Overwatch isn’t one of them, so it’s just off the table for me as an actual player.

I do, however, watch some of my favorite streamers when they’re playing Overwatch, and I have a few characters that I sort of just know I’d love to try playing… if I could. Sombra is probably number one, but I’m also extremely curious about D.VA – both because her mech and gameplay seem pretty fun, but also because she is just cute as fuck!

So seeing my girl Harriet Sugarcookie in a scantily-clad interpretation of D.VA’s signature bunny ears and skintight suit totally made my day. Harriet is always tagged in my Peachy’s Faves category for a reason – I seriously just love her so much, and the fact that she’s totally down for fun, sexy nerdy cosplay like this D.VA porn striptease is precisely why. Well, that and the fact that she’s absolutely fucking gorgeous, of course!

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