Okay, so while Watch4Beauty boasts a myriad of gorgeous women within their website, I have to say… I think that Li Moon is pretty much my no-brainer favorite. She’s like half Summer Glau, half adorable Asian cutie, all exactly my type. And this year, she’s made a Christmas video for us! I’m not even going to lie, getting to hear her speak with that sexy accent of hers kind of made me melt a little bit.


The video itself is so Instagram/2010s internet, with the slow angles and the chill ambient techno music in the background, but she’s so beautiful that let’s be real – it doesn’t matter. I did GIF a few of my favorite moments for you guys, if that’s your thing:

Consider those my Christmas gift to you, I suppose! For more Li Moon, check out her tag here, or just visit Watch4Beauty if you’d rather go straight to the source and skip my reactions. My feelings won’t be hurt… too much.